Working group archive videos

Recent Mechatronic developments in rehabilitation exoskeletons
Ahmed Abdellatif Hamed IBRAHIM 2023-12-04

Human-Centered AI for Human-Machine Interaction: Teaching machines to teach humans
Alina Glushkova 2023-11-27

Robotized measurements for geometric and acoustic characterization of unknown structures
Caroline Pascal 2023-11-21

A computational approach for optimizing the design of biped robots
Virgile Batto 2023-11-20

Learning to optimize dynamic behaviors
Ludovic Righetti 2023-10-24

Contrôle robuste de drones à rotors pivotants
Tariq Zioud 2023-10-23

Controlling quadrupeds with deep reinforcement learning
Michel Aractingi 2023-10-09

Model Predictive Control for robots adapting their task space motion online
Nicolas Torres 2023-06-19

Unifying view of physical ability metrics for humans, robots and their collaboration
Antun Skuric 2023-06-05

Kinematic redundancy resolution in wearable robots
Mahdi Khoramshahi 2023-05-22