Working group archive videos

Soil-Adaptive Excavation Using Reinforcement Learning
Pascal Arturo Egli 2022-11-28

Physical Human-Robot Interaction and Object Co-manipulation
Martin Mujica 2022-11-21

Human Intentional and Unintentional Interpersonal coordination in interaction with a humanoid robot
Ghilès Mostafaoui 2022-11-14

Robotique bio-inspirée et adaptive: apprentissage, contrôle et matériel
Alexandre Pitti 2022-11-07

Feedback strategies in working and assistive environments
Francesca Cordella 2022-10-10

Ideas and software for the locomotion of homemade robots
Stéphane Caron 2022-06-20

Nonprehensile object transportation via shared-control teleoperation
Mario Selvaggio 2022-06-13

IA pour la Robotique
Julien Moras 2022-05-16

Learning from bees: UAV guidance and odometry based on optic flow
Franck Ruffier 2022-05-09

Reinforcement Learning in practice with Stable-Baselines3
Antonin Raffin 2022-05-02